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Case Study: Increasing sales and customer loyalty with Meet5 advertising campaign


Decorami is a leading supplier of party decorations and New Year's Eve products, which stands out for its wide range and high quality of its products. The company is known for its unique designs and creative ideas to make parties and celebrations special.

The challenge

Decorami faced the challenge of effectively reaching its target audience and motivating potential customers to buy their products for New Year's Eve celebrations. The decision to advertise on Meet5 was based on the hope that the platform would appeal to the ideal target audience and achieve a high conversion rate.

The solution

By booking ads on Meet5, Decorami was able to ensure that their message was effectively communicated to a large number of users. Meet5 provided extensive reach to directly address the target audience and increase the visibility of the Decorami brand. By specifically targeting the ads, Decorami was able to ensure that the ads were presented to the right users who had an interest in party decorations and New Year's Eve products.

Ansicht der Werbeanzeige für Decorami, Hersteller und Verkäufer von Partydeko.

The result

Decorami's advertising campaign on Meet5 was a complete success. With a high number of users reached, one million impressions and over 2,000 clicks, Decorami was able to effectively address its target audience and successfully promote its products for the New Year's Eve celebrations. The low average click price of €2 enabled a cost-effective advertising campaign that led to a significant increase in sales. Decorami is firmly convinced that the collaboration with Meet5 will continue to be promising in the future to further strengthen their brand and increase sales even more

Lina Reinhardt, founder of Decorami, expressed her enthusiasm about the success of the campaign:

"The decision to advertise on Meet5 has proven to be an outstanding move for our company. The wide reach and specific targeting helped bring our products to the attention of a wide audience during the New Year's Eve celebrations. The positive results and increased customer loyalty have motivated us to continue advertising on Meet5 in the future and further increase our sales."

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