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Sponsored Campaign

Imagine your brand inspiring with a mix of events and exciting suggestions for leisure activities that immediately motivate users to participate: "Sponsored Campaigns" on Meet5 make this possible.

What is a Sponsored Collection?

Based on your partner profile and the meetings you have created, we go one step further and offer a comprehensive campaign. A Sponsored Campaign on Meet5 allows you to be present in the inspiration phase of our users. The campaign includes various building blocks, including editorial content such as magazine articles and meeting templates created by our team, as well as native ads at the heart of our app.

Die Kampagne umfasst verschiedene Bausteine, darunter redaktionellen Content wie Magazinbeiträge und Treffenvorlagen, die von unserem Team erstellt werden, sowie native Werbeanzeigen im Herzen unserer App.

Sponsoring Campaign bei Meet5 die beste Lösung für dein Unternehmen
Meet5 Nutzer sind die perfekte Zielgruppe für deine nächste Werbekampagne

What makes Meet5 so special?

Our users are specifically looking for new adventures and activities, which makes Sponsored Campaigns a real added value that they appreciate.

360-degree support

With our 360-degree service, we take care of every detail of your partner profiles and all meetings. The Meet5 team provides professional editorial content that presents your brand and events in the best possible way.

Start your own campaign!

We look forward to getting your campaign rolling! Use the contact form below to reach our sales team, who will advise you on all further questions and create a customized package for you.


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