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Meet5 Facts

registrierte Nutzer

10.000              Treffen pro Monat 

40.000      Treffenteilnehmer/Monat

350              Community Captains


Picknick Meet5

"We have enough of eternal swiping, chats and dubious requests", thought the founder of Meet5 - "Why is there no app where you can easily find people offline, without the pressure, that you have to like somebody in a very specific way? "


Why is there no app for a nice evening with friends ? And if something happened, it would be much nicer.

The idea

What makes Meet5 so special?

Meet5 is first and foremost an introductory app.


But what does an introductory app?


Very easy! At Meet5, mixed groups of six to twelve people come together for dinner, an event or an activity (picnic, bowling, hiking, etc.), without chatting for a long time.


The atmosphere is relaxed and safe. Every participant gets to know new and interesting people.


It's about getting to know each other in a group to meet similar-minded people. What becomes of your new acquaintances is up to you.


You can also create your own meetings. If you don't want a mixed group, you have the option of creating a group "only for women" or "only for men". It is your decision!

The founding of Meet5

Lukas, frustrated by other dating and socializing apps, was the first to come up with the idea of ​​Meet5 (then called Go Crush).

In spring 2017 he teamed up with Kai. Just under a month later, the startup was founded in Frankfurt and the app was available for download.

Today, Meet5 can be used throughout Germany and the app has many success stories of unforgettable evenings. Great friendships and steady relationships have developed and even a Meet5 wedding was celebrated!

Date im Café

Where can I find out more about the app?

To ask? You can find many answers in our FAQs. In our magazine you will find additional information, tips and successful stories. If you still have questions or you want to tell us about your Meet5 story, just write us on WhatsApp +49 151 72 03 97 74 and we are going to help you.

Where can I find out more about the app?

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