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Community-Captains Interview 🎙️ Create your own meeting now!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Many people wish for more open meetings in the app, but they don't really create their own meeting based on their preferences and wishes. Even though it is so easy, straightforward, and quick to create one 😉 To encourage you to set up your own meeting and answer any questions you may have, we have interviewed two of our community-captains from Stuttgart. Sabine and Thomas explain their motivation for creating meetings and provide great tips. 🎙️

Community Captains Interview

  • Why do you enjoy creating meetings?

Sabine: When I am interested in attending a festival, such as 'Käsbergfest', but do not want to go alone, I create a meeting on Meet5 and search for people who are also interested.

Thomas: At my own meetings, I can focus on my personal interests. I am able to choose the restaurant or the activities myself, and to some extent, decide who I want to attend the meeting.

  • What tip can you give Meet5 users?

Sabine: If you're not courageous enough to create your own Meet5 meeting and afraid that no one will show up, you could just have a meeting at a restaurant. Having food together is always a great option. After your first meeting, you will be more confident.

Thomas: For me personally, it is important that there be affordable or even free parking spots available. Also, that people who rely on public transportation can join. Carpools are also arranged for locations that are not easily accessible. For hikes, I find it important to state the time and length of the hike so that the participants can estimate whether the trail is suitable for them or not.

  • Why shouldn't users be scared of creating their own meeting?

Sabine: All meetings have a friendly atmosphere - everyone is accepted, with Meet5 you are not alone.

Thomas: You don't need to be afraid of creating your own meeting. Until now, I have had great meetings and I have met many great people. New friends have been made. And what could possibly happen? If no one else joins, you can always delete the meeting. You're usually hanging out with a bunch of people, which makes it even more laid-back.


If you all do not exactly know, how to create a meeting in the app, then you should have a look at our magazine article.

For questions, you can always turn to

There is nothing stopping you from creating your own meeting. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a meeting that meets your needs. There is nothing that could go wrong 😊

Your Meet5 Team

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