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aye, aye, me hearties! Come and be a
Community Captain


We're searching for motivated community captains to support the Meet5 community. If you enjoy taking part in group meetings and getting to know new people, you'd be the perfect candidate for our new offer and we would love 
to hear your ideas on how you can help improve our unique Meet5-experience. 


Start special group meetings


Your mission is to create and participate in many a great group meeting in your city. 
Your imagination should know no limits- it doesn't matter if it's meeting in a sleek new restaurant or a dive bar, if it's a casual night out or a major sporting event. 
Invite your friends, acquaintances and other users, post pictures on Facebook & Co. to support both the meetings and Meet5. Be a contact at the Meet5 weeklies (if you can't attend on a weekly basis, that's fine, but you should participate at least once a month) and talk to our users. 

Starter package, premium, rewards for meetings


As a reward for your  efforts, you will receive both an exclusive starter package as well as financial compensation  for every meeting that you sucessfully organised.

You should regularly keep in touch both with us, the Meet5 team, as well as other community captains.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions; we are always more than happy to help.

Come and join us!

If you want to become a community captain or would like to find out more,  send an e-mail to or fill in the form below. We look forward to a brief, relaxed phone call with you and meeting you in person-maybe even at the next weekly meeting.


In this spirit, welcome aboard the Meet5 crew! Shiver me timbers!

Join now 

Thank you for your message!

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