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Get to know new people while cycling in Frankfurt


Are you new to Frankfurt and would like to get to know the city and meet new people while cycling?

But you don't know where to go, are you afraid of getting lost or have you always been looking for a partner with whom you can cycle?

Then the Meet5 app is just right for you - because cycling meetings take place here every day.

Here are my top 3 routes for cycling at group meetings in Frankfurt:

Enjoy the view on the Berger slope for once

Skyline Frankfurt.png

This tour does not have to be driven completely, but it offers many opportunities to get to know Frankfurt from a different point of view:

Starting at the Griesheim train station, you cycle directly to the mouth of the Nidda.

From the bridge the view of the beauty of the Niddas is perfect.

The wonderful river landscape on the bike path and the beautiful Niddalaufweg will accompany you up to the Berger slope.

When you arrive at the Berger slope, you can really enjoy the view of the skyline!

The tour could continue to the port in Offenbach or the new Goethe Tower. If you haven't had enough of Frankfurt from the Berger Hang, you can also see the skyline up close on the Main

If you want to see the whole tour, you can look here for more details:

Offenbach am Main harbor


The route continues from the idyllic local recreation area in the Mainbogen to the Catholic Church of St. Paul.

From there, the view of the church and the Main is perfect.

Just a few kilometers away, the view of the next station on the Philippsruhe Castle is equally beautiful. Having had enough of churches and castles at the next stop, the final view of Mainhatten and the Osthafenbrücke is not far away.


If you want to see the whole tour, you can look here for more details:

Highest waterfront


There is no set length for this tour.

Starting at the Griesheim train station, it goes from there to the Höchst riverside promenade. From there it leads on to the Kelsterbacher terrace, where you can also take a rest.

The next highlight is the Ölhafenbrücke in Raunheim, which not only impresses with its shape, but also with the view. Then it goes on to the mouth of the Main. During the whole bike tour you will be followed by a wonderful view of the Main.

If you want to go to the whole tour, you can look here for more details:

Where can I find out more about the app?

To ask? You can find many answers in our FAQ. In our magazine you will find additional information, tips and success stories. If you still have questions or you want to tell us about your Meet5 story, just write us on WhatsApp +49 151 72 03 97 74 and we will help you.

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