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Drei Freundinnen lachen zusammen und unterhalten sich

With Meet5


Men-free zone: The women over 40 meet at Meet5

Dating platforms and apps are a dime a dozen. The choice that is offered is almost too big. Many of us are not looking for a partner at all, but simply want interesting new girlfriends in our lives. However, digital opportunities to find new girlfriends for girls' evenings are rare. And in the analog world, too, the search for the perfect girl troupe becomes more and more difficult after a certain age. Meet5 therefore offers you the opportunity to meet great new friends in an undisturbed and man-free group. Because let's be honest: Sometimes you just feel more comfortable in an all-women group.

What does a women’s meeting look like? It all depends on you! Everyone can create their own meeting for 6 people at Meet5 and join the already created meetings of others. So it doesn't matter whether you want to go hiking with your new friends, sing karaoke, or just chat over a (or two) glasses of wine. Other ideas would be, for example, game evenings, visits to the sauna, or cooking evenings together. You could also attend art or cultural events together. There are no limits to your imagination at Meet5. The numerous meetings that have already taken place have created great friendships, and our official Meet5 women’s meetings, which take place weekly in many cities in the Rhine-Main area, offer the ideal introduction to the Meet5 world.

And if it should be a mixed gender meeting, that's no problem either. At Meet5 there are many more women than men (in contrast to most dating apps), but mixed group meetings can also be organized via the app.

Does that sound like your thing? Then just give Meet5 a try! You can download the app free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Freundinnen Ü40 Wandern
Freundinnen Wein Ü40
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