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These video meetings are guaranteed to be a success!

5 ideas for creative video meetings that are guaranteed to drive away boredom!

After so many months of working from home, many of us associate video conferencing with lengthy team meetings at work. But video conferences don't have to be related to the job per se and they don't have to be boring. There are so many great opportunities to spend time together virtually and also get to know great new people with whom you may be able to meet in person in the future.

The fact is: We all spend a lot of time at home at the moment - the ceiling can fall on your head. Contact bans make finding and maintaining social contacts extremely difficult and many of us have experienced in the past few months what loneliness feels like. So why not try something new? Why not take part in a virtual game night or have a brunch with others via video conference ? Have you been resolving to do more sport for months? Then motivate yourself to do a virtual home workout together with others!

Doesn't that convince you yet? Then be sure to read our 5 ideas for creative video meetings :

1. Virtual game night

Do you think that to play games you have to sit together at the same table? Then you are wrong! You can also play the following games online very easily. Fun is inevitable in a fun group!

  • Black Stories: Short stories that don't seem to make any sense. One reads aloud, the others ask questions. It is important to note that the questions asked must be able to be answered with yes or no. You can find short instructions here. You can find Black Stories online, for example here or here .

  • Charade: Everyone probably knows this classic party game. One person tries to mime a term and the others guess. For example, you can use this website to generate words.

  • Codenames: You don't know the game? Don't worry, the rules are very simple and you can easily start a round together on this website. You play in two teams and each team appoints an intelligence chief who has to explain certain words to the other team members using a "code word". You can find short instructions here.

2. Cooking together

Having to cook by yourself after a long day in the home office can be really boring. So why not cook together virtually ? Just discuss what you want to cook beforehand and get the ingredients. Maybe you know a great recipe that you want to share with others? Alternatively, everyone can cook something different and you chat while you do it.

3. Discussion boards

Do you love to discuss, deal with current topics and get the opinions of others ? Whether sport, philosophy or politics - there are enough topics to discuss!

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4. Hobby, job, book or recipe ideas

Is your job super interesting , or do you have an extraordinary hobby ? Whether you're chasing criminals, teaching math, juggling, or cooking , you're sure to find people who are incredibly interested. And maybe someone else has a great hobby and inspires you to try something new.

  • Imagine your jobs and talk about what your day-to-day work looks like

  • Talk about your hobbies and how you like to spend your free time - maybe you can make plans together for the time after the lockdown .

  • Exchange ideas about your favorite books, films or music . Everyone of you will surely find something new to pass the time here.

5. Virtual home workout

Do you usually go to the gym or take a yoga class and now you can't motivate yourself to exercise alone at home? Then organize a virtual home workout together with others! Searches on YouTube for example a workout video out and overcomes in the video conference together your bitch!

Are you enthusiastic about these ideas and want to try them out, but don't know who to meet? No problem - on Meet5 you will find a multitude of like-minded people who are just as happy as you are, and who are at least as motivated to meet new people as you are! With Meet5 you don't need to worry about the platform for your video meeting. This is automatically made available to you as soon as you create a meeting. The best thing about it? Everything about group meetings is completely free and super uncomplicated . Just give it a try, you can find the app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store .

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