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Gruppen von alten Freunden beim Wandern

With Meet5


Jetzt auch mit über 60 noch neue Leute kennenlernen – mit Meet5

As children and adolescents, we find it comparatively easy to make friends. We get to know our friends in kindergarten, school, university, or training. But the older we get, the more difficult it seems to be to make new acquaintances. Suddenly our colleagues at work are the only contacts that we maintain on a regular basis. Often there is no time for leisure activities outside of work where we could get to know new people. We wish to have a nice cup of wine in the evening after work, or we long for company for the weekend hike. We often feel lonely, but don't realize that many others are like us.

Many introductory apps or social media groups focus on younger users. With Meet5 you can now find great new friends easily, uncomplicated and free of charge even in adulthood. Most of our users are between 40 and 60 years old and just as motivated as you to meet new people! And who knows? Maybe more than friendship will emerge. Because at Meet5 the motto “Nothing has to, but everything can” applies. Are you wondering how it works? No problem, we'll be happy to explain it to you!

Just register for free in the app and you're good to go! Either you choose one of the already existing meetings and join, or you can easily create your own! At Meet5, group meetings of 6-10 people are the focus. For example, you can go to a restaurant together, walk through a park, cycle or hike together, let the bowling balls roll, or meet for an evening wine. There are no limitations to your imagination! How about a “girls only” women’s meeting or a “men’s group”? No problem - just select when creating the meeting!

So jump over your shadow and dare! You have absolutely nothing to lose. On the other hand, you can win a lot: new best friends, great conversations on unforgettable evenings, exciting outdoor adventures while hiking or biking and maybe even love.

Now open the App Store or Play Store and download the Meet5 app. You can find more information and exciting articles about Meet5 in our magazine.

Neue Leute über 60 treffen sich regelmäßig auf Meet5
Gruppentreffen  für Menschen über 60
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