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Premium membership for 1 year

Only € 12.50 per month.

Meet5 is even more fun with Premium. You can chat without restrictions, you can see who has favored you and who was on your profile. Except where you can activate the ghost mode, start larger meetings and organize meetings "by invitation only".

These are all premium features:

  • Private chats - text with everyone
  • Find out who favored you
  • Create group meetings with up to 12 people
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Start private meetings "by invitation only"
  • Activate ghost mode
  • Attend meetings with priority
  • See other users' online status
  • Club sticker in profile
  • Search for meetings by category

Premium membership for 1 year

Price Options
Meet5 Premium
12 Monate Mitgliedschaft
€150.00every year until canceled
  • No, we will only send you the invoice by post if you wish. Otherwise you will receive the invoice  by email.

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