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Advertising Policies

Ads that don't meet our policies will be disapproved. If your ad is disapproved, you will be informed of the disapproval reason via email. You can edit your ad to meet our standards and repost it. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following policies represent the policies for advertising on Meet5:


Meet5 users must not be lied to or deceived.

advertisedxt and contact details

Use standard spelling, spelling, grammar and capitalization for your texts. Avoid repetition and don't provide more than one working link for your ad. Don't mislead or confuse the users who click on your link, or otherwise detract from the user's experience.

Prohibited Products

Ads for adult content only, affiliate advertising, dating sites, copyrighted content, counterfeit products, data collection and security, drugs and related products, forged documents, gambling, hacking and cracking, health-related content, credit and financial services, occult activities, Opposition, political or religious content (with exceptions), cheating, questionable downloads, tobacco, guns and firecrackers are prohibited. Ads promoting gambling, illegal products, weapons, financial status, hate or violence, multilevel marketing programs, inflammatory political or religious content, etc. are also prohibited.


Harassing, offensive, discriminatory, sexist, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, glorifying violence, racist, extreme right/left and other morally reprehensible or illegal content or representations thereof are not strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to use legally protected images, names, terms and other materials unless the user has the necessary usage rights; this applies in particular to the personal rights of the people depicted in the pictures as well as third-party copyrights, names and trademarks such as brands.


The use of inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted.

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