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Expats Review- How group dates became my weekly routine

Aktualisiert: 8. Juni 2021

Diego Mitglied von Meet5

Diego, 28 : 

My very first Meet5 date (review)

As the day of our spontaneous date was approaching, I was excited and intrigued of what could happen while meeting 5 strangers 😱. It was my very first date via Meet5, and since we agreed upon an English group date – or that they could at least support me with my broken German – I was excited to go there, enjoy some typical food from Hessen and meet new people in the city. 

Thomas and Frank worked in business and Law respectively, and Franzi and Johanna were working together at the same Marketing agency. Laura joined a little bit later (she works as a Manager), because she had to stay a little bit longer at work to“solve some situation”, she said.

When you are new in a city, I believe the best thing - and what most people advised me - is to get out of your comfort zone, take the initiative, and approach the unknown with motivation and happiness 😊thats what I did. Our group date was scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 7 pm (cool thing about the reminder time and locations notifications by the way, you won´t forget your date) at the restaurant Apfelweinwirtschaft in Sachsenhausen. The decoration and service were at its best – and of course the Apfelwein from the region: Sehr lecker. 

What I liked about group dates  and about Meet5 in general and why I will make of this life experience something of my weekly schedule, is that the App allows you to meet new people in a relaxed environment, that you can know a little bit upfront with whom are you meeting with and that by being in a group date, you get to know each other slowly – which in the end is the best way to create a great connection afterwards.

I was also happy to realize that I enjoy  sharing my time with others and try out different types of food and restaurants - or just sharing some activities on the outside, escape rooms and laser tag so I decided this will become part of my weekly routine.

“At least one Meet5 date a week”, I told myself after my conversation with Franzi. We talk about travel destinations and why the best sunset is the one that you can share with someone, her plans for next summer and why she likes to meet different people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Johanna was a little bit shy and quiet at the beginning just my first impression which rapidly changed - and as the conversation developed, she was nice, and I liked her tone of voice and the way she talked.

At the moment, she told us that she has been in Frankfurt for two months and wants to have more friends and maybe find the true love via meeting someone in person, and not just writing and writing without ending. Also, I think that Thomas was a very nice guy. He lived in Paris for two years, and he offered me help with my apartment search. We decided to meet next week with Franzi and Thomas and go for a run along the Museumsufer and then I will be in Berlin next week for a conference. For sure I will have a meeting there… want to join? 


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