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Have a full meeting by selecting the suitable category 👩‍👨

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We have eight expressive categories for you to choose from to sort and classify your meeting. Which are:

Outdoor - There is a large variety for all the nature lovers. Our hikes and bike rides are a great opportunity for our new users, who may initially feel shy, but are eager to become active. Food & Drinks - Are you looking for people to spend time with and keep each other company for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or wine tasting? An event with food and drinks is the right category.

Food & Drink Meeting with Meet5

Culture - The category culture should be used to mark a visit to a museum, theatre or other place with artistic features. These usually take place indoors, but of course, there are some exceptions, such as city tours or outdoor exhibits.

Music & Dancing - Classical dance classes or parties in clubs and discos, are categorized under music and dancing. Additionally, there are also concerts included.

Music & Dance Meeting with Meet5

Markets & Festivals - Visiting a market or attending local festivals are good examples of what falls under this category.

Sports - This category includes activities like tennis, Badminton, Swimming, or even team sports.

Fun & Games - Finally, all Bowling, darts, board- and card games have their own category on Meet5. The categories fun are where all games are listed.

Fun & Games Meeting with Meet5

Video call - Sometimes you just have to keep it simple. You can host virtual meetings on Meet5 with platforms like Jitsi. Meetings of this kind fall under the category of virtual.

Other - You have created a meeting, but none of the categories are suitable for it? Then, you can simply choose "other" as the category. :)

Which category are you most comfortable in? Do not waste any time and get started immediately by creating your very own meeting. Have fun 😎

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