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Interview with Captains 🎙️ Create your own meeting now!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Many users would like more open meetings in the app, but rarely create custom meetings according to their wishes.

Creating a meeting is so easy, uncomplicated and really quick - I promise 😉

To encourage you to create many of your own meetings and to clarify questions on the topic, we conducted a small interview with two community captains from Stuttgart.

Sabine and Thomas have some great tips and tell you their motivation, which is why they love to create their own Meet5 meetings 🎙️

Create Meet5 meetings

  • Why do you love creating your own meetings?

Sabine: If I want to go to a festival like the Käsbergfest - but don't want to go alone - I set up my own meeting at Meet5 and look for new people who want to go with me.

Thomas: At my own meetings, I can focus on my personal interests. I can choose the restaurant or the leisure activity myself and also largely decide for myself who I want to have with me at my meetings.

  • What advice would you give Meet5 users for their own meetings?

Sabine: If you don't have the courage to set up a meeting because you're afraid nobody might come, then it's best to set up a restaurant visit - dinner together is always possible. After the first meeting you are braver!

Thomas: For me personally it is important that there are free or cheap parking spaces in the immediate vicinity and that people can also reach the meeting by public transport. We also try to carpool in remote locations via the group chat. For hikes, I find it important to indicate the time or distance so that the participants can assess whether the route is suitable for them.

  • Why shouldn't anyone be afraid to create their own meetings?

Sabine: All meetings are very nice and at eye level - everyone is accepted - with Meet5 you are not alone.

Thomas: In principle, you don't need to be afraid of creating your own meetings. The meetings I have had so far have always been great, there have been great people and meanwhile the first friendships have developed. And hey - what should happen. If nobody registers, you can also delete the meeting again. In addition, you usually meet in groups, which makes it all relaxed and informal.


If you don't yet know exactly how to create a meeting in the app, be sure to check out the magazine article. You can find it 👉 here.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact

Now nothing should stand in the way of your own meetings!

Don't be afraid to create meetings however you want, you really can't go wrong! 😊

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