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Meet5 International

Updated: Jan 3

Click here to read the German version.

Hurray!! Meet5 goes International.🥳

You want to meet new people and make strong connections, so you downloaded our app? You are looking forward to joining in on fun activities and may have wanted to join our popular monthly or weekly meetings, but could not because you do not speak German? You no longer need to worry about that. A monthly get-together, where International users have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the benefits of our app. It allows you to participate even if you are not fluent in German.🤩

Our Monthl Int. Get-together takes place at a restaurant every month and is open to everyone who is interested in joining, and able to communicate in English. Even if you are not a native-speaker and just looking to increase your English skills, you are welcome to join.

German-speaking users can attend meetings without worrying about language barriers. We are introducing the monthly Int. Get-together to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone, including our international users. It is a great opportunity to get international users started on or app and encourage them to eventually create their own get-togethers. 😊

We launched our first monthly international get-together not too long ago. In Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich, Meet5 users were able to meet over dinner, enjoy each other's company and the International Exchange.🌎🥂

We hope that the participation rate increases so that we can offer the Monthly Int. Get-together at higher frequencies and with a larger participant number. Additionally, we will expand to other regions.

You can find our Account under the name Meet5 Intl. Exchange on our app.🚀


All throughout our app, there are international users. We are committed to making our get-together accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are based. For that, we are looking for monthly organizers. This means taking care of organizational tasks, including making reservations at the restaurant, and being available for any questions in the group chat. If you would like to read more about the tasks and responsibilities of a monthly organizer, then click here. 👈

In the following regions, we are currently looking for meeting administrators:

  • Hamburg

  • Cologne

  • Frankfurt

  • Zurich

  • Stuttgart

  • Munich

Are you interested in attending a Get-together in an area, that is not listed above? Please send an E-Mail with your request to 😊

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