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Meet5 International in Cologne!🎉

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Meet5 International Meeting in Cologne

You are an English speaker and downloaded the Meet5 App? You're looking forward to meeting new people and sharing memories together. But then you realize that our app mostly operates in German. What now? You may be close to giving up on the idea. You should hold up that thought because we have the perfect solution for you. At our monthly Meet5 international meeting, you can enjoy people's company and share similar interests while speaking English!🎉🥳

Cologne is part of our well-established regions, which makes our international get-together even more exciting. Once a month, we will organize an international gathering. It will take place at a restaurant, and most likely on the same day and time. You can expect appetizing food and great company.🍝🥂


We want to make the Meet5 experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone. When opening the app, the first feeling may be a bit overwhelming for an English-speaker. Even though you can individually set the language to whichever you want, the descriptions and meetings are still going to show up in the language of the meeting creator. If an English speaker decides to attend a meeting, keeping up with the conversation can become challenging. Other users might feel overwhelmed with the situation yet still try to talk to them one on one. However, the conversation often ends after a few sentences. We hope to break those barriers by speaking English. Additionally, it will give English-speakers the same opportunity as others.😊

The international meeting is open to anyone who can communicate in English. If you are a non-native English speaker, you are welcome to simply join the meeting to strengthen your language skills.🙏


Our goal is to create a cheerful and welcoming community in your region, with many active users and many activity options in our app. We encourage you to take a moment out of your day to create your own meeting, after becoming comfortable using Meet5. You get to choose the location, the size of the group, the time and the date. Make your own experience. Your get-together, your rules.🤩

If the participation rate increases, we will be offering the monthly get-together at higher frequencies and expand to other areas in Germany. Apart from Cologne, the international meeting will be held in Frankfurt and Hamburg as of now.

You can find our Account under the name Meet5 Intl. Exchange on our app. Have a look.🚀

Are you interested in attending such a meeting in your local area? Please send a direct message with your request to our Meet5 Intl. Exchange account or an E-Mail to😊

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