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Meet5 International in Frankfurt!🎉

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Meet5 International Meeting in Frankfurt

You are an English speaker and have downloaded the Meet5 App? You are excited about meeting new people, and sharing memories together? But then you realize that our app mostly operates in German. What now? You may be close to giving up on the idea. Hold up on that thought because we have the perfect solution for you. Our new monthly Meet5 international meeting allows you to enjoy people's company and share interests, all while speaking English!🎉🥳

In Frankfurt, the home of Meet5, where it all began a few years ago, we are now proudly introducing an international get-together. A new and different way to build a strong and vibrant community. This International get-together will take place at the same location and at the same time every month. For that, we have picked a restaurant.🍝🥂


Active and experienced users can confirm that they have had great encounters. They were able to make incredible connections using our app.

Normally, it is pretty easy to become an active member of Meet5, but not so much for English-speakers. Going to a meeting often comes with challenges, like trying to keep up with conversations. A few try their best to include the person, by talking to them, but may be too shy to have a full conversation with them and therefore the conversation often ends after only a few sentences. By introducing the international meeting, we want English speakers to feel included. We also want to make their start as easy as possible. We aim for a welcoming environment for everyone present.😊

Our primary target group is English speakers. However, we are happy to welcome everyone to join our international meetings. The experience can be beneficial for both parties. English speakers have the opportunity to become familiar with our app. Non-native English speakers can strengthen their language skills. Additionally, everyone can learn from different social interactions with people from other cultures.🙏


To reach our goal of creating a lively community, we need as many active users and meetings as possible. We encourage you to take a moment out of your day to create your own meeting, after becoming comfortable using Meet5. You get to choose the location, the size of the group, the time and the date. Make your own experience. Your get-together, your rules.🤩

With a larger membership base on the app and a high participation rate, we may offer our International meetings at higher frequencies and expand to other areas throughout Germany. Apart from Frankfurt, the international get-togethers will be held in Hamburg and Cologne as of now. You can find our Account under the name Meet5 Intl. Exchange on our app. Have a look.🚀

Are you interested in attending such a meeting in your local area? Please send a direct message with your request to our Meet5 Intl. Exchange Account or an E-Mail to😊

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