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Quick and easy: Create your own meeting!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The main concept of Meet5 is that you can create and organize group meetings that suit you and your interests.

Creating your own meeting in the app is quick, easy, and is lots of fun. Yet, many users are still reluctant to try it out. We are here to tell you why you should create your own group meeting and how easily Meet5 can help you.

Be prepared to meet many interesting people and go on various adventures.

Important: take the first initiative and join a meeting, instead of waiting until the first few users join 😉


This is how you create your own meeting:

  • Tap the plus (+) shown in the app. A create-a-meeting tap will open, and you are good to get started.

  • Select a title and add a brief description with the important information.

  • Select one of our categories for the meeting (one that suits the group meeting most).

  • The next step is to select a time and date.

  • Choose a location for the group meeting (you can choose from any location within your radius)

  • Tap 'Done'

  • That's it! Now the only thing left to do is to send out invitations. You can filter and search for different keywords.

  • The group chat will open immediately after you have created the group meeting.

  • You can edit the meeting anytime you want, by taping on 'more' and 'edit meeting'.

  • Be ready to meet new people and have a great time ☀️

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why can't I find a specific location?

The location search is linked to Google places. Some places aren't listed on there. You can find restaurants, cafés, parks, museums, and zoos. If you want to find a specific location, you can try out different spellings or extend your radius. Alternatively, you can search for the street name and house number and tell the participants in the group chat.

  • What does 'Only on my Invitation' mean?

This means that only users who you've invited can join your meeting. Other users can send an invitation request to you. If that happens, you will get a notification in 'Chats' and you can accept the request with just one click.

  • Do I have to select 'Invite all suggestions?'

No, you do not. You can invite individual users by tapping the plus sign in the picture, where all participants are listed. A tick will appear, which means you've sent the invitation out. Furthermore, you have the option to invite all users you have added to your favourites. Invite all suggestions means that random users in your area are chosen and invited.

  • Can I delete a meeting?

Technically, you can not. However, if no one else joins your meeting on the app, the meeting will be automatically deleted. Keep in mind that you can edit a meeting at any time.

  • What happens when I leave the meeting?

If you, as a meeting creator, leave your own meeting, the following user displayed on the app will take over your position.


There is no limit to your creativity. Create your Meet5 group meeting according to your interests, desires, and hobbies. Whether you would like to go on a hike, or a pick-nick, go out to grab a bite to eat, visit a museum, or just hang out and chat. You could also just select a motto for your meeting and make further arrangements in the group chat.

Open the Meet5 App and create our own meeting - We are thrilled to see many meetings going on!

If you have any questions, feel free to E-Mail us at support@meet5com.

Your Meet5 Team


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