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Summer water activities with Meet5 ☀️

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Summer time - Fun time. Or maybe it's water time. How about both? With the rising temperatures and the sun shining from the blue sky, there is nothing more refreshing than plunging in water. But Why should you limit yourself to swimming in outdoor pools or lakes? There are plenty of exciting water activities that guarantee the ultimate summer fun. Here are six you should try this summer. 😄


💧 A Paddle-boat ride

As your first summer water activity, grab some Meet5 members and go on a paddle boat ride. Whether it be on a calm lake or a river, paddle boat rides are a fantastic opportunity for you to explore nature while having lots of fun. Enjoy the soft breeze and the sunny day while you paddle.

💧 Stand-up-Paddling

Stand-up paddleboarding involves standing up on a large board and using a paddle to move through the water. This activity requires practice. However, once you get the hang of it, you will love it. Paddle along a river or a calm lake while enjoying the wonderful view and surrounding scenery.

💧 A Canoe or Kayak tour

Use a canoe or kayak to explore the waterways. Get together with your paddling buddies and go on adventures. Explore scenic lakes and glide along calm rivers surrounded by luscious nature. Canoeing is a great way to get out in the nature and be active at the same time.

A Canoe or Kayak tour with meet5

💧 A Water Sightseeing tour

Several waterfront cities offer guided boat tours. The tour guide often shares fascinating information about the area. You are not only given a beautiful view and scenery of the city, but also information about its history and culture. A great option for those who prefer to take it easy.

💧 Waterskiing

If you can hold your balance well and have enough courage, then you should give waterskiing a try. Holding on to a rope as a boat pulls you across the water. You will enjoy the feeling of thrill and freedom once you get the hang of it, even though it may be a challenge at first.

💧 A Picnic by the water

After a long day, a picnic by the water is a great way to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with others. Chat, laugh, play games, or just chill out and take in the beauty of nature. Enjoy a wonderful sunny day with your favourite picnic meal and drinks. Take a walk around the lake to end the day!

Are you ready for the ultimate water fun? Create your own group meeting and experience unforgettable adventures on the water! 🌊

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