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The three golden rules for your Meet5 meeting

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

You are ready to meet new people and have plenty of fun doing various activities. To make the most of your meeting, we have the three golden rules! 👍

Activities with Meet5

Rule No. 1: Plan your meeting in advance

Think about how you would like to meet people. Choose a time and date that works for you. At the beginning of the meeting, provide all the necessary information so that the participants are aware of what to expect. The sooner you share all the information, the better everyone can prepare.

Rule No. 2: Be outgoing and friendly

If you want to meet new people, it is important to treat them with respect. Everyone should feel welcome and have the opportunity to make new friends. Don't make negative or judgmental comments, and be respectful of other people's opinions. If everyone treats each other with respect, there is nothing stopping you from having a good time! 😊

Rule No. 3: Include the participants

Make sure that everyone is involved. Encourage the participants to become involved in the activities and, if necessary, the arrangements. This can happen in the group chat as well. Together, you will make the meeting as good as it can be.

These are the essential rules to ensure the best possible outcome of your Meet5 meeting. A good plan, a friendly approach, and the help of the other participants will help you have a good time. 🤩

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