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The benefits of a premium membership for you as a meeting creator. 🙏🏼

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

For anyone who would like to fully use and enjoy the App, a premium membership is, without a doubt, worth it. But for meeting creators even more.

Why should you get a premium membership? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should not miss out on this opportunity.

1. Private chatting 💬

You can chat with other Meet5 users outside of the group chat thanks to a premium membership! Especially if you need to make private arrangements or discuss a certain matter, it can be very convenient.

2. Discover new favourites for your next group meeting 🔎

You can always check who has added you to their favourites. This will allow you to quickly discover new users with similar interests. If you add the users who have added you to their favourites back, you can selectively invite them to your group meeting.

3. Create a meeting only for invited users 📬

Group meetings, where you get to meet new people, are the best. But sometimes a group meeting requires special planning, or maybe you want people you've met before to join. In these cases, you should create a meeting that only users who have been invited can join. You will be able to control who joins your meeting.

4. Support the young Meet5 Team 🙏🏼

To be completely honest, every company has to cover their costs. At Meet5, there are currently 30 employees who strive to improve the app daily. By registering for a premium membership, you hereby allow us to continue doing so. We would greatly appreciate your support if you are impressed by our app. Win-Win, for both parties 😉

5. Use our app without any limitations

There are plenty more reasons, why a premium membership is worth it!

  • You are able to join group meetings early. This means that there is no longer a waiting period to join group meetings.

  • Ghost mode lets you look at profiles and explore the app without other users knowing.

  • Filter meetings by category and get inspired by others.

  • A way to stand out from the crowd. By getting a premium membership, your profile will appear in gold 😎

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Plan your spare time with Meet5 and become active. Check out our web-shop for more information and to get a premium membership. 👇🏼


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