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Your Meet5 stories ✍🏼

We keep getting great messages about your stories and experiences with Meet5.

This week we would like to share some of these stories with you 😊

We like to think about the first Meet5 engagement of Carmen and Roland 🌹

The big photo safari in Frankfurt 2020 📷

And do you remember the first Meet5 sailing trip?

You can find many more stories in the magazine.

Tell us what special, funny or unusual experience you had at a Meet5 meeting!

What you say about Meet5:

  • I think it's great that Meet5 exists. It increases my quality of life thanks to the uncomplicated opportunity to meet up with other people at interesting events.

  • I have to give you a huge compliment for what you do with this app. Last week we danced into May on the ship Königin Sylvia with 60 people who just danced and celebrated, on Friday with 12 people at a rock concert, if only you could have seen the shining eyes of the 70-year-old, we were rocking and shouting along, it was so cool. Yesterday with 40 people at the gospel concert, people really got into it and had tears in their eyes at the end. That was also an unforgettable experience.

  • No matter which event, people are picked up and brought together at an important stage in their lives. What I can say is that after what feels like 50 meetings that I have been allowed to organize and accompany, you do a really great job. If Meet5 didn't exist, it would definitely have to be invented.

  • As a single 45+ it's really difficult to find new friends. And I don't necessarily mean a new partner. My friends don't have time at the weekend, they're with their partners/family. I look forward to my weekends much more when I know I have something nice to do. So thank you very much for your commitment.

  • It's a great thing that nice people who didn't know each other before can spend a nice evening together, meet casually, without any great planning. It worked like a charm, thank you. This app is great because I can plan my own event right on my doorstep in my area at any time and I'm sure that enough people will follow me to celebrate it together.

  • I joined Meet5 two weeks ago. Yesterday I went to my first meeting - a hike near Bielefeld. Everything was super organized and I had nice conversations with all the fellow hikers and was able to gather lots of good impressions. I already have the next Meet5 meeting on my radar and will probably organize a hiking event myself at some point. In my opinion, the Meet5 motto - meeting new people and having fun at the event - fits 100%.

  • Hello dear support team, my highlight with Meet5 this year was Harry's "SUP Beach Koblenz" group. I met great, nice people there and we spent some great days together.

We would be delighted if you would share your Meet5 stories for the magazine on our website. You are also welcome to send us pictures. Of course, a story can also be published anonymously 🙏

We are looking forward to your messages to

Your Meet5 team

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