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Freundinnen lachen im Park

With Meet5


Find your best friend now

- with Meet5

The best friend is one of the most important people in a woman's life. It is she who you can talk to about anything. You entrust all your secrets to her. Your best friend knows how to comfort you and make you laugh. You do the best things with her because you are on the same wavelength. She knows what makes you tick and takes you for who you are.

Meeting this special person is not always easy. Perhaps you will meet your best friend in kindergarten or school, possibly not until you are studying or working. You probably already had a best friend, but she moved away or you grew apart, that's normal, people change. There is nothing wrong with looking for a new best friend once or several times in your life.

With Meet5 you are guaranteed to find it, and very easily! Not just your new best friend, but a whole clique of friends. You wonder how Let us explain!

Take part in a group meeting via the app or create your own meeting on the spot. You determine the title, day and time, the location and how many users can participate. In addition, you have the option of defining the meeting as a pure “women's meeting” (just as men can select a “men's group”). Decide whether users can only participate by invitation - you decide who can come - or whether it is an open meeting. As soon as enough participants have been found, you can reserve the location. All you have to do now is come to the agreed meeting point and get to know each other.

As soon as you have created the meeting, the group chat opens. In this way you can let the others know if you are late, for example. Or you can use the chat afterwards to stay in touch and maybe even to arrange the next meeting.

Now open the App Store or Play Store and download the Meet5 app. You can find more information and exciting articles about Meet5 in our magazine.

Freundinnen im Park lachend
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