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for events

Our app users at a group meeting

at your event!

You can use Meet5 to attract participants to your event. Numerous group meetings take place every day, most of them at restaurants.

Our users love to meet at joint activities or events.
Write us an email or give us a call and together we will determine a time and the number of participants.

Here are some examples of events:



Gruppe bei Lasertag

Laser tag

Kochen - Schneidebrett im Kochkurs

Cooking classes

Escape Room Gegenstände, wie Uhr, Pistole, Kamera


Anstoßen von Weingläsern


Zwei Freundinnen freuen sich und lächeln

Your event

Our offer at a glance

Select the event package and get the perfect solution from us to advertise your events and acquire many new customers.

Event package

Starter pack and marketing package included

Creation of 3 meetings per month

Invitations from at least 3,000 users to meetings

Review service

Quarterly posts on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Gruppe von Frauen lacht und hat Spaß



As a participating event partner of the Meet5 app, you can arrange meetings yourself and thus generate targeted income.

Events are very popular with

Meet5 users.


We create the meeting for you in the system. Afterwards, app users can log into the meeting.


You will get new people to your location or your event for free. We can flexibly negotiate a small consideration: We can display flyers for you, discounts for our users, etc. We can discuss everything together.

That's how it's done:

In the following section we will go into step by step how an activity meeting works with Meet5.

Fotograf schaut in die Kamera

1. Create activity meetings

Together we start the meeting in the app.
The event provider provides information on the location, date, time, minimum and maximum number of participants and the price

2. Publish meetings for Meet5

Directly afterwards, Meet5 users can register for the created meeting.

3. From the app to the meeting

If enough participants have registered, the meeting will take place as planned. If the minimum number is not reached, we will notify you directly.

Gruppenfoto von Meet5 Foto Safari Treffen

The cooperation with Go Crush brings me 12 new course participants every week and a new source of revenue. I am happy to support this innovative and new "getting to know each other" method.

Tony Oliviero, Frankfurt Cocktail School




took place

Event meeting


throughout Germany

Participant at

event meeting

Jetzt Mitmachen

Participate now as an event provider!

Meet5 is available in the following cities:

  • Frankfurt

  • Rhine Main Area

  • Munich

  • Berlin

  • Cologne

  • Hamburg

Simply write an email or call:


Lukas Reinhardt

Founder of Go Crush GmbH


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