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Make new friends in your new city - with Meet5

Have you just moved to a new city? Are you still looking for new friends and acquaintances there? Then use Meet5! With Meet5 it's easier than ever to make new friends. Let us explain to you how!

Meet5 is about group meetings, in which you can either participate as a user or create a meeting yourself. When creating the meeting, you give the meeting a meaningful title. For example "Funny Friday evening" and you determine the number of participants. In addition, you choose a date and time and the meeting is set up. You can then invite other users to the meeting. When enough users have found each other, you will meet in a cool location in your city.

Frau schaut auf Stadt.jpg

To find out more about the app and to download it, visit the App Store or Play Store . In our blog you can find more information and exciting articles about Meet5, as well as dating and socializing.

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