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From an idea to a created meeting (Video instruction)

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

With these instructions, we want to show you step-by-step how to create your own meeting at Meet5. From a simple idea, you may have in mind, to sending out invitations and making arrangements in the group chat. After creating your first meeting, you will quickly realize how easy it is - take our word.

1. Having the right idea 💡

You can't go wrong with a dinner at a restaurant or a hike, given the weather is ideal. However, the most important thing is to create a meeting that meets your desires and wishes. If you are having difficulty finding ideas, you can always access our catalogue.

Our Idea: A meeting at the weekly market in Frankfurt at Konstablerwache.

2. Creating a meeting in the App 📱

You can find a plus symbol on the bottom right of the Meeting page. When you tap on it, a new window opens where you can create your very own meeting.

3. Selecting the number of participants 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

To create your meeting, you need to choose the number of participants. You can select the number of participants to your liking, depending on the type of meeting. You are free to change the number after creating the meeting. Additionally, you can also choose if you only want women to be able to join, or if only users who have received an invitation by you.

We have decided to go with 8 participants in this case, which is a good size for a group gathering. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether they have received an invitations or not.

4. Finding a suitable title ✍🏼

Now it's time to come up with a title for your meeting that is easy to understand. Please try to find a short, but clear title that explains what kind of meeting it is. We have collected a bunch of titles that you can pick from and use as a template in the app to make this step as easy as possible.

Our title: Weekly market Konsti 🍷

5. Meeting description 💭

The next step is crucial: The description. It should contain all the important information about the meeting. Additionally, the users should be informed about what kind of meeting it is. What are your plans? Is there anything they should be looking out for? The parking situation. Are there any restrictions on how you can pay? Is it hard to find the location? When going hiking, you may want to discuss the route. How long will the hike be, and would it be possible to go on the hike in normal sneakers? To what fitness level is the hike intended. Is there a possibility to get beverages or snacks?

Our description: A little something to eat, something to drink, and chatting. Whoever is interested in strolling through the weekly market. We are going to meet in front of the Sparkasse at Konstablerwache so that we do not have to be looking for each other at the market. I am looking forward to seeing you all.

6. Selecting the category for the meeting 🍝

In order for users to find your meeting, it is important to pick a suitable category. If there is no category that absolutely fits, choose the one that describes the meeting best.

There are many categories that fit for our meeting at the weekly market. We have picked the category Food and drinks.

7. Selecting the time and date 📅

The time and date are essential to have many users join your meeting. Going out to a restaurant is very popular during the week. Going out for breakfast and brunch is popular on weekends. For outdoor activities, you should keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you are forced to cancel a meeting due to the weather, please let the participants know by sending a message to the group chat.

In our fictional example: Friday, 31. May at 4PM

8. Selecting a location 📍

For a smooth first meeting, having a specific meeting point is important.

In our example, we thankfully found Konstablerwacher in Frankfurt in the app and selected it as our meeting point. We've written the exact meeting point in the description for all participants to see. This way, no one will have to search for the other participants.

9. Creating the meeting and sending out Invitations 💌

Sending out invitations is the last step after you've created a meeting. You are automatically redirected to this page. You can select from the list of suggested users within your radius to invite them. Clicking on the magnifying glass will allow you to search for individual users or tags.

E.g. If you search for market, all users with the tag 'Market' will pop up. So that you can filter your target group and users.

10. Keeping an eye on the meeting and using the group chat 💬

Until your meeting, please check the meeting and the group chat regularly. Users should be informed about any changes in the group chat.

11. If necessary, send out invitations again 💌

If a meeting is not filled immediately, you can gradually invite users again. No need to worry about users being invited twice.

Below, we have illustrated a step-by-step video instruction on how to create the meeting we used as an example. We wish you lots of fun creating your own meeting and hope you have a great time at Meet5!


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