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The best things come unexpectedly 🍀

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Today we have a very emotional story for you. Hans shared his unique meet5 story about how Regine unexpectedly entered his life, and how they have been going through life together ever since, even though they initially just wanted to be friends.


In 2021, life became dull due to family changes and covid. Thanks to an advertisement for Meet5, I found the app, and I have been a premium member since October 2021. The chance to meet new people and participate in new activities sounded exciting 😊

After my breakup a couple of years ago, I realized that dating sites aren't working out and that meet5 is better for me. It didn't take long for me to become involved and start attending meetings. I was very impressed, to say the least. After the first meeting, I started to think that you could at least have a good time getting to know someone without having those awkward moments alone like when you're on a date 🍻

Like many men, I had some kind of ulterior motive. Eventually, I came across Regine's profile and, just like that, it happened. I was interested in attending a meeting with her to get to know this fascinating woman. So I did my best to accomplish that 😍

Shortly after that, the first meeting was found, a meditation evening. Even though we didn't speak that evening, it was still better than nothing. A few months later, the next attempt was a visit to the cinema. Not the ideal place to get to know people within a group. So I decided to be brave and send her a private message and see what happens 💬

The response was very direct and straightforward. She wants to have fun being single and is not looking for anything serious. Her intentions were never to find a partner. At Meet5, she wanted to have fun, try new things, and spend time with nice people. I thought she was great despite the rejection. So there was only one option: stay on the ball! The first thing I did was show her my best side and try to let her guard down step by step. Everyone knows that when life is not fair, your walls go up 💐 What should I say, it was well-worth the effort. We have been together for over a year now. Ever since then, we have been enjoying life as a couple. Meet5 continues to be a significant part of our lives. We keep many friends we love, and we make new ones. Sometimes we show up together and sometimes we don't 😚

Regine loves organizing and meeting new people and trying out new things, so Meet5 is a topic of relevance to her. Despite being a couple, we definitely remain active on the app. Our plans for the future probably look similar to those of other couples, but Meet5 will be a big part of our lives for a long time. Which we're excited about 🪂

Even though we had different reasons for using the app, we still ended up together. I have not only found a partner, but also friends for life.

meet5 unique story


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