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Who is behind Meet5?

Updated: Jan 16

More than just an app - a team that is passionate about working on content, new ideas, app improvements and support for you every day.

Get ready for a sneak peek into what we do and learn more about our work and the faces behind Meet5.


The cornerstone of the app was laid in 2017 by the two founders Lukas Reinhardt and Kai Burghardt. Based in Frankfurt, the founders' team now has almost 30 employees, divided between two offices. The international team is made up of a diverse mix of permanent employees, working students and interns.

Our tasks

Every day, we work in different areas to optimize the app for you and to offer you added value when using Meet5.

Whether it's Lea in web design, Ivana in captains management or Marko in support - your concerns and wishes are our top priority. Technical bugs, the further development of app versions or the weekly content with new meeting ideas, it takes some heads to constantly improve Meet5.

Our team is divided into many different areas and tasks.

Here is a little insight into some of the most important fields

App development, online marketing, social media, support, captains management, web design, press and public relations and a few more tasks.

Not to forget, the organizational effort that comes to each company (such as accounting and human resources).

Behind the app Meet5 are many people and tasks, which are not always visible at first glance. A small click or button in the app often means a lot of time and effort for us. That's why we are always especially happy about your positive feedback and your great stories, which you have experienced through Meet5.

It's great to see that our work pays off and gives you great experiences 🙏🏼

Faces Behind Meet5

Your support is invaluable to us

As a startup, we rely on the support of our Premium members. Like any business, we need to cover our costs in order to continue working on the app in the future and keep Meet5 growing.

Every premium user contributes to our ability to support the community, develop the app, and introduce new features.

Thank you to everyone who already supports us with a premium membership ❤️

You want to give something back to the app as well? Then sign up for a membership in our webshop to support the team behind it in the best possible way.


We hope you enjoyed this little insight. To learn more about us and become part of our community, visit our website at Together we can connect people online and build real relationships offline!


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