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Our Monthly organizers

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

You are an active user of our app and have attended many of our Monthly Int. Get-togethers? Then you are the perfect candidate for a monthly organizer.

As a monthly organizer, your main task is to create the monthly meeting in the app and make reservations at the restaurant selected by us and be available for any questions in the group chat.😊

It may sound like a lot of work, but it's actually quite simple if you're familiar with our app and enjoy our get-togethers. Naturally, there may be a day when you cannot attend. That is not a problem at all. We ask that you notify all the participants in the group chat that you will not be able to attend, and let them know that you will still take care of reservations and be available for any questions. Please keep in mind, that you will have to communicate in English.


How to create the get-together: Our app allows you to use other users' meeting as a template, which makes the process much easier. If you click on the group meeting, and then on 'More' in the upper-right corner, you can use the group meeting as a template. Please adjust the date accordingly.

Important: As long as you communicate with us beforehand, you can change the number of participants.

Making reservations: The idea behind our Monthly Int. Get-together, is that it takes place at the same time and at the same restaurant each time. Many restaurants let you make reservations online. You can select the time, date, and number of people you would like to make reservations for. You will then get a confirmation E-Mail as soon as it is approved. If you feel more comfortable making reservations over the phone, you can do so.

Important: Reservations are always made under the name 'Meet5'.

As already mentioned above, we would prefer that the location of our get-together is kept at the same place to make it clear and easy for users. But if you have a better option, we'll let you change the location. Again, only if that is communicated with us beforehand. We also ask you to make sure the prices are affordable by looking at the menu before you make any changes. Consider other people's preferences and keep it simple. Please let the participants in the group chat know that the location has changed. Since some users are used to it being at the same location, they may not be aware of the location change.

Important: Send us a message with all the changes to our Intl. Exchange Account. To help us keep track of all changes.


That's it! Now you are ready to have a good time and meet new people.🥂

We are grateful for the support of all our meeting administrators and highly appreciate the effort, which is why we give our monthly organizers a free premium membership and special gifts, including merchandise in return.🤩

If the participation rate increases, we will be offering the monthly International get-together at higher frequencies and with a larger participant number. Please keep that in mind when applying. 😊

If you are interested in becoming a monthly organizer for our International get-together. E-mail us at


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